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Living in the Season

· Essential Oils

This season as the snow falls and the cold wind blows, I see life’s many changes on the horizon. Soon the seasons will change and bring much beauty to our environment. I’m a lover of all things Spring and Summer, as I expect many of you are. I used to wish away these cold, dark months finding them mundane and boring. However, I realized how sad it would be to wish away these beautiful months of the year. Snow truly creates a natural wonder as it settles down onto the trees and landscape. This season I learned an important skill, to be present. I have been blessed with the wonderful talent of being futuristic which serves many purposes for me in my life, however it’s not particularly supportive of being present. Give up your worries of tomorrow, for each day will worry about itself.

Do you struggle with being present? I understand because I’ve been there and some days I’m still there. Here’s what helped me - finding joy. Finding that feeling of pure, wholesome joy! I choose to find joy in each day and every circumstance. No matter what I’m going through, I’ve learned to look for the joy. On a cold winter day that might very well be the snow on the trees or a cozy fire. Joy inherently gives way to gratitude as well, which will only improve your outlook. Finding joy can be hard sometimes. Let’s face it, some days it doesn’t seem like joy is in the darkness. It’s in that darkness though that you learn you can’t chase joy. Joy can be created and found but you can’t chase or hunt it down. Joy is different from happiness. It’s genuine and fills the whole-being. While happiness can be serendipitous, joy is a choice. It’s like lighting a candle in the darkness, it fills the space with light but you must choose to light the match.

I’ve started to notice myself choosing joy in all parts of my life, from my relationships to my business. I’m showing up as the person I want others to see me as and I’m being the person I think this world needs me to be. So, you’re probably wondering… how does choosing joy allow you to be present? For myself, it allows me to want to be there because I know I’ve chosen joy and that once I’ve chosen joy that this moment is where I’m supposed to be. When I choose joy it makes this moment safe, productive, and lessens my worry for tomorrow. Joy allows me to sit amongst the chaos and focus on just what brings me joy. While the cold winter winds swirl, I’ll set my focus on the beauty of the fallen snow.

For my essential oil users, try Elevation to live in the moment. Diffuse it when you worry about tomorrow but want to live your life today. Wear it on your wrists when life’s beautiful moments are happening and you don’t want them to pass by. If you need to find the joy during these cold winter months, apply daily over the heart.

I’m blessed to be able to share these experiences and thoughts with you!


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