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My dōTERRA Story

The phoenix that arose from little brown bottles

· Essential Oils

This is how I got here.

Every year whenever I escape the winter and surround myself with warm sunshine and good friends I’m given a wonderful opportunity to be grateful. So many blessings have poured into my life over the past 6 years, and they keep coming bigger and better as time goes on. Our God rocks!

Some of you probably don’t know my dōTERRA story, but it’s really how I ended up on this warm beach in Mexico. What I love about my story is that it’s not just my dōTERRA story, it’s my life story.

When I was blessed with essential oils I was at the most broken and hurt place of my life. A place full of pain and suffering; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Just like a phoenix, it was these ashes that I found my roots to grow from. These experiences are blessings because it’s through them I can see the hurt of others and fuel my humanity.

I was almost 15 when essential oils walked into my life. I had relentless acne, consistent stress, and was constantly looking for a purpose. It was a rough time in my life. I tried everything over the counter and even pharmaceuticals. When they didn’t work I was upset and felt like I didn’t have any options. It was so tiring.

I started with one bottle of essential oil and that’s the only one I had for 6 months. All I knew was that it smelled like lemon lifesavers and it was working to support my skin. HD Clear changed my life just by one drop at a time.

I had never used essential oils before or even heard of them at all. All I knew was that it was working. I became passionate about learning about them. I wanted to know and understand everything that they could do. The more I learned the more I used them.

The power of your story is the healing.

One of the obstacles I had to overcome was getting these amazing tools. When you’re BROKE with a capital B, you really have to align your priorities to make it happen. I knew I needed them though because they brought so much healing and care.

Thankfully dōTERRA had options for people like me and by sharing with friends I was able to get my essential oils paid for. I knew if I could just make it to where they didn’t cost me anything to buy then at least they weren’t taking food off the table. When I got to that point I couldn’t believe how easy it was and I immediately had faith that this was something more.

I knew people felt like they didn’t have options to take care of themselves and they were needing something like this. I started sharing everything I learned with everyone I knew who needed healing. Leaders rose out of those people because they saw the vision and need too. They wanted to serve others by simply offering options and being problem solvers for others.


My sophomore year of high school I left public high school never to return because I had decided to homeschool myself so that I could pursue dōTERRA full-time. Public school didn’t give me the opportunity to travel and live the life that was needing me. I had people to serve! It was a difficult decision to leave friends but it was the right decision.

My community began to flourish! I’ve had leaders take ownership of this vision and fall in love with serving people. My community is worldwide and consists of thousands of people that have chosen more.

It’s more than I ever thought it could be. I knew from the very beginning that this was a special blessing that God had given me, but I had no idea that it would be like THIS! My life is not at all the same. I’m not the same person I was before, in fact I’m very much more myself now than I ever have been. I grew up to be ME, instead of being who the world told me to be I became who the world needed me to be. Some days it’s bitterly hard but it’s worth it.

This is me and this is my story about how God gave me the perfect blessing. He knew all along what I needed. As I look to the future I can’t wait to do this full time! Yes, that’s right. While the knowledge I have learned in college will be used, it’s not in my plan today to use the degree. I was blessed to have found my calling and career early, and now I get a whole lifetime to live it!!

And to my mom (Becky Selby Metheny), thank you for choosing what was best for our family! Your courage is endless. It’s because of you and your love that this worked. You choose to have faith in this journey. Thank you for buying me a bottle of HD Clear even when we didn’t have the money. Even though it’s $21 a bottle, there’s not enough money in the world to pay you back! ❤️

And to my community, tribe, team, friends, family, and support system thank you! You’re the reason I get up and go out to serve. It took a whole tribe to raise me and I thank you all! I’m so grateful for all of you who are in my life.

So that’s my story! It’s long, it’s the highest highs and the lowest lows. It’s everything I could ask for and more. It’s full of God’s unending blessings. And it’s not over yet.

- Orion

Your earning potential and personal testimony is completely dependent on you. No one guarantees your journey and its outcome except for you.

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