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Life happens. Oils help.

· Essential Oils

Life happens. Oils help.

Super grateful for these 3 oils right here!

(Forgive, Vetiver, and Copaiba)

In January during one of the storms my truck got hit while I was on my way home from class. Everybody was fine, just body damage to the truck. I was super thankful for oils. They put me back into a blessed mindset and helped me to be grateful that I was safe and in a warm home during the storm.

Fast forward to last week, my truck is at the shop so I get a rental truck while it’s getting fixed. After the windstorm Sunday into Monday, my rental truck sustained damage during the storm! If I was looking for reasons to quit, it’d be easy to find them.

I loaded up on oils. My mindset was slipping and I was starting to get anxious and worrisome. I dug these 3 out. I needed to be grounded in who I am and forgive life for happening!

So today, I’m thankful for these little brown bottles, thankful for God’s blessings in money that pays for insurance, and for getting back to who I am.

Essential oils don’t make you be happy, they help you root back into you. Into your happy and joy. Into seeing life happen and finding joy on those hard days! Into allowing good things and bad things happen in the same day.

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