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Building with Gen Z

A Q & A session about building dōTERRA as a young adult

Are you struggling to build this business as a young adult? Or are you an older generation that is trying to connect with a younger generation? Welcome! Hopefully this blog will help navigate some of the murky waters of building with this up and coming generation.

My name is Orion Metheny. I'm from Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. I'm a Gold rank with dōTERRA. I just turned 22 years old and I started using dōTERRA when I was 14. On my 18th birthday I signed my wellness advocate agreement at dōTERRA Corporate. I've been to six Global conventions, four leaderships, six incentive trips, a co-impact sourcing trip to Bulgaria, as well as various regional corporate events. I've participated in diamond club four times and placed in the top 50 at age eighteen. So, I've been around the block a time or two and I'm always in the trenches, building my business. I'm really passionate about the amazing generation that I come from and I'm honored to talk with you about building as a young adult and how you can support a young adult in this business.

(My full story is here if you're interested-

You asked, I answered.

I was recently asked by several friends and colleagues to share my experience about building a business as a young person. They asked me to teach about challenges I've overcome, successes I've had, and my perspective on my journey, as well as the shared experiences of young people. This blog will be Q & A style as I give my perspective on these questions and helpful thoughts I have along the way. Hopefully this will be helpful to other young people who see dōTERRA as the business opportunity and vehicle for change that it is.

First, you need to know who generation Z is. I find so often that people call my generation "millennials", but that demographic is SIGNIFICANTLY different. Generation Z is commonly referred to as "iGen" because we have always grown up with the common use of the internet and technology. Most researchers place this generation spanning the 15 years from 1997 to 2012 and focus in on the prevalence of the internet and social media. If you feel like we overwhelm you, don't worry! We are the most diverse generation that the United States has ever seen and because of technology we live extremely fast paced lives, which means you might have to spend a little extra time learning about us! We're most well-known for the huge movements that we've created from Greta Thunberg to Malala Yousafzai. Perhaps better than any generation before us, we understand the power of influence and the sacred stewardship that it requires. This makes me beyond excited to see what we can do in dōTERRA.


You need to know a little about me before we take a deep dive into the way I build! I love people. I love connection. There's something about being together with a group of people as we talk about essential oils that just sets my soul on fire. This is something that I've not been able to replicate with a huge social media following. I build person by person. Life by life. Oftentimes strangers from the grocery store or a referral from a friend. I can't teach you about an instagram hack or a click funnel. But, I can teach you about the power of our mission- an essential oil in every home. Now that I know you're not expecting me to have the next juicy secret social media idea, let's dig in!

Q: How did you build credibility?

Answer: This answer for me is twofold. The first thing is I've really made sure I was reputable. If there was an opportunity to learn, I was there. I read everything I could. Attended every event possible. I used every essential oil and product that we had. I leaned all the way in and listened. It didn't matter if it was personal development, essential oil education, or a business event, I was there. When I showed up to a class everyone there knew that I knew what I was saying. They understood that I knew what I was doing. And because of that they took me seriously.

The second thing, which took a little more self-assessment to understand, was that I just assumed that everyone would take me seriously. I believed in myself so much that I really didn't care if they did or not. I held myself to a higher level. I took this business serious. And I think when people saw me and heard me talk that they got the vibe. Take yourself and this business seriously so that everyone else does.

Q: What is your secret sauce?

Answer: I won't give up. I won't stop. I show up again and again to serve people with essential oils. I love people. I lean into their problems, listen, and offer a solution. It can be tough sometimes. Learning to build. Learning to lead. Learning about who you are. Learning how to do life. And no matter how hard any of this gets, I come right back to sharing essential oils. When it gets hard, just breathe, put some Balance on, and try again. Be the person in the arena.

Q: How do you build the belief in yourself?

Answer: Everyday. Again and again. Whether it's belief in yourself or self-confidence, the world is going to tell you to knock it off. It'll tell you that you're wrong. It'll make you doubt whether you should believe in yourself. But you have to do things that make you believe that you can do it. I believed that I could because I saw my courageous mother do it herself! I believed I could do it because I just kept putting myself back out there. I did a ton of self-development and the sound of Brené Brown's audiobooks constantly echos in my head. Keep getting back up and doing the hard things.

Q: How to get past feeling awkward?

Answer: Practice! You're going to feel awkward in the beginning, just embrace this part of the learning curve. It's totally normal. Practice teaching a class at home, with friends, or have your family listen. Have your upline role play a one to one with you! Learn in a safe environment that way you'll feel comfortable out in the real world. I'm learning more and more about the importance of roleplaying and I'm finding it extremely beneficial to the learning and speaking process.

Q: What's my target audience?

Answer: Ok y'all, buckle up because this one is probably not what you're expecting. I love enrolling soccer moms and middle aged ladies. Give me a room of 30-40 year old ladies and I'll leave with 12 new Facebook friends, 12 enrollments, and an invitation to Saturday brunch... And probably some awesome snacks for the road! They just get it. They get the value of health. They get the value of helping other people, particularly their children.

With that said, when I'm looking for a builder I'm looking for much more than just Saturday brunch and Sharon's pasta salad recipe. I'm looking for people I want to do the business with. That our vibes are the same. That we align. I'm looking for dreamers and go-getters! People that love to live life and want to help others do the same. I'm looking for people that love people and want to help them.

I know that's not everyone's target audience so let's help you find yours!

Q: What is important to young people?

Answer: I LOVE this question! I'm super passionate about my generation as I truly think we will be the next wave of world changers. There's several things that I think are really important to young people:

  • Environment/Sustainability: This is where my soul comes alive! I love the environment. And dōTERRA aligns so perfectly with this, and they don't even know the half of it! It's so much more than just packaging. Our shade grown cardamom and petitgrain protect rainforests and provide homes for wildlife while preventing deforestation and insecticide use. Sourcing douglas fir reduces invasive species in New Zealand's highlands. Eucalyptus and lemon eucalyptus are key plants in reducing desertification in Africa and Australia. Not to mention the closed carbon cycles that exist in many of our essential oil sourcing systems. 
  • Humanitarian: Our generation has already championed HUGE humanitarian movements across the globe. We value others and understand that good business makes business good. We want to see the world lifted up. Talk about Healing Hands and the good that it's creating. We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and really value the global perspective that Healing Hands has to offer.
  • Reducing chemicals: I've seen the entire market as a whole begin to transition. As people are focused on eating organic, looking for natural options, and wholesome products, dōTERRA fits perfectly. While generation Z may not have lead this movement, data is showing that they might make up the bulk of this movement. 
  • Hope: We believe in a better tomorrow. And we believe in our role being important in that. We are dreamers and creators. We align with the idea that we can help make the world a better place and that tomorrow can be better.
  • Non-Traditional Job: We have grown up seeing YouTubers become millionaires. We've seen influencers generate income from home. We've also seen our parents get crushed financially during the recession so perhaps we are even a little skeptical at the way traditional jobs and the economy work. We're also pretty good at questioning the status quo! 

Q: How did you make a 100s names list?

Answer: If you're the child or family member of someone already doing dōTERRA as a business, sometimes it can be a little confusing to get started. Your warm market such as family and close friends might already be enrolled. And it might seem difficult to get started in the beginning. First, let's trust the process and go ahead and make a hundred names list. Put as many people on there as you can. Go through your contacts, facebook, instagram, twitter, and snapchat. Think of people from social clubs, sports teams, your church, and any hobbies that you might have. Get everyone on that list that you can think of! The list is for you to keep track of yourself and your follow up. Follow up is always the most important part of the business.

Now, you're going to start with those names! You have two things you need to do with them, help them get oils into their household and ask for referrals! I have largely built my business through referrals! I love getting referrals! And people love to give young people referrals! People know that your influence might not be as large as others and want to give you referrals to help you broaden your business.

Now this next part might push some Gen Z'ers out of their comfort zone but honestly we need it!! I have built a large portion of my business through strangers! Whether it's someone I have met at the gym or in the produce aisle, I love talking to everyone. Sometimes it's people I've met online through a facebook group about a shared hobby or maybe someone as simple as the person at the post office! It's an easy way to reach a new person and help them get oils into their household but also a brand new warm market and referral pool!

Here's how I do it!

  • Smile! The more welcoming and warm that you are, the more people will talk to you. Just by body language you can ease their social anxiety and they'll put down their guard to talk to you.
  • Talk! Too often right when we'd like to make small talk we will give a small smile and rush off. Mention something simple about a shared experience that is within the shared environment (i.e. weather, how busy the store is, etc.)
  • Ask questions and listen. This is the easiest trick ever to get people to like you but also for you to learn about them! Everyone wants to be seen and feel heard, it's a basic human necessity. Within a few minutes of asking questions and them talking, they'll share a "sample-able issue" with you.
  • You have something to help them and people love gifts! When you hear them mention their "sample-able issue" with you, genuinely offer them a sample to try. Tell them a personal testimony (people love the authenticity of  "I used this and it helped") and offer them the opportunity to use the same thing. 
  • Friend them on facebook! If they have facebook this works really well. It's a simple way to follow up with them. It allows you to continue to learn about them but also for them to learn about you, which helps to breakdown the "stranger" feeling. And I use facebook for a lot of my essential oil education so after the sample and follow up, I'm already friends with them to get them plugged in for some extra education!

Q: How to overcome "not enough money"?

Answer: Y'all have no idea how much I LOVE answering this question! I love nothing more than to throw out every single last excuse tied to this! It is just a thought pattern that doesn't serve us and isn't true. I use to think the same thing about college students and young adults but then I realized it's just priorities. While I was in college I watched classmates drop a healthy start kit in one night or over the weekend downtown, and while this wasn't my scene, I realized it was just different priorities. You'll likely see young adults with the latest version of the iPhone or the coolest new pair of shoes, so why couldn't they have the best essential oils on the market? How do you capture their interest and create value? How do you find the ones that already have those values and priorities? When you start asking yourself these questions, there's a lot more possibilities and opportunities.

  • Capture Interest: I believe that social media has done a large portion of this for you! Instagram and Pinterest have put essential oils on our radar and we see the things that they can be used for fairly regularly. The interest in essential oils already exists, you just need to transfer that to the essential oils that you have. I feel this is best done through that personal relationship, whether fostered online or in person. 
  • Create Value: Talk about the dōTERRA vision, Healing Hands, and Co-Impact sourcing. Share the vision of a natural wellness lifestyle. Show them the ways they can get the most bang for their buck! Help them understand all the ways that essential oils can be used. Give them a taste of the culture that is dōTERRA and your team. You understand their value so now you need to help them understand the value of dōTERRA.
  • Finding ones that value their health: I'm seeing a large demographic rise up in Generation Z that values fair trade, non-gmo, quality over quantity, local, personal, small businesses, and impact. You just need to find them! Think of the demographic that isn't in Starbucks but they're in a local coffee shop. They're already shopping local and from their friends. Their values and priorities are already aligned with the dōTERRA mission in a lot of ways. You've got to cross paths with this demographic. Try asking your local coffee shop if they would "adopt a diffuser" for a week and set out business cards. Ask you local fair trade shop if you could host a free essential oil workshop for them. Check your local art shop to see if they would be interested in collaborating for a make and take! These are some simple ways to tap into where this group spends a lot of their time. And of course, there is always online platforms as well.

While the fact of the matter is that generally, with priorities aligned properly, they can afford a healthy start kit you may still have someone that seriously does not have the money. Living in rural Appalachia I have experienced this first hand. It happens and we can't assume that everyone's "can't afford it" is simply different priorities. We have something for these people as well, which we often forget about! The business! You can pay for that enrollment kit with fast start! If people really want essential oils, I'll help them get a class set up so that from the fast start money that they make they can afford an enrollment kit!

Q: Why would Gen Z want to do this as a business?

Answer: Love this question! There's so many reasons why!

  • Finding jobs: Have you seen the job market and economy? YIKES! Not necessarily the job market you want to join right now. Between lay offs and workplace changes due to the pandemic, it's not necessarily a great time to find a fulfilling career.
  • Freedom: This one is so underestimated in the value that it brings to the table. More workplace flexibility retains younger generations and is more attractive to them! This ability to be our own boss of our own natural wellness business and create a work schedule, culture, and income that we desire. Do you hear how amazing that sounds?
  • Purpose: I've really seen a lot of purpose seeking in the up and coming generation. We want to create something. To make a change. To make a difference. To make an impact. This is such a vehicle to do those kinds of things.
  • Influencer: We've grown up with influencers, social media gurus, and YouTubers that we aren't shy to the idea of making money doing it. We've seen it work for so many other people. We aren't worried about a "pyramid scheme." We've seen how being an influencer works and it doesn't seem scary or unrealistic. 
  • Community: This is crucial! While many older generations scrutinize the younger generation for using social media so much and having poor in-person social skills, younger generations are craving a community. They are seeking to create meaningful relationships! Give them this opportunity. Personally, my team does social get togethers at least once a month. Our favorite is going kayaking and then out to dinner afterwards. It really just allows us to be a cohesive group that works together and have awesome relationships with each other!

Q: Are phone calls scary?

Answer: I actually love talking on the phone! I have communication as a top strength and I'll chat with just about anyone.... as long as you text me first that is. A phone call without a text before or without being planned seems so intrusive. It's something that we feel like should be reserved for emergencies! Funny I know but you'll likely see this in the younger adults.

Here's some things to think about when communicating with young adults:

  • Text first. It's super simple! If you want to talk on the phone, text first and see if it's a good time, unless you've planned to talk at a designated time beforehand.
  • Never, ever email us. We won't read them. Our lives are inundated with information. We only check emails for shipping notifications and coupons. 
  • Direct message is a very legitimate form of communication for us! It's a very safe form of communication and is often preferred for many young adults.
  • Facetime! I noticed this before the pandemic, and since then I've noticed it even more. The younger generations are really starting to FaceTime and video chat quite frequently. If we can't meet at a local coffee shop, this might be a great option but you'll definitely want to check beforehand and plan it!

Q: How do you use social media?

Answer: I use social media for educating, organizing, personalizing, and fostering.

  • Educating: 90% of what we do as wellness advocates is educating. Teaching others about the essential oils and business that we offer. I utilize Facebook and Instagram for educating my team. And we know that people who know how to use their oils use them, buy more, and tell their friends; thus leading to LRPs and enrollments!
  • Organizing: I use it to plan events or publicize an upcoming class. It's a way of organizing people and educating them about upcoming opportunities to learn and engage!
  • Personalizing: In the year 2020 sometimes your "Facebook self" is who you really are to people. If they're someone you briefly connected with and they haven't gotten to know you then the information you share on Facebook is their perception of you. I use Facebook and Instagram to be more authentic, more personable, and offer them the chance to learn more about me. 
  • Fostering: I use social media to foster, nurture, and grow relationships. I comment under people's posts, interact as much as possible, and learn about people. Empathetically lean into their lives and see what they're facing. You'll be shocked how often you can offer them a sample! Be kind and friendly to people on social media and you'll really grow your relationships!

Q: What to do when young people don't have health concerns?

Answer: Wonderful question! First off, we have to realize that we are in this business to support normal body systems and functions. By promoting well-being we are able to help the body stay well. What I'm getting at is that we need to realize our goal is to prevent body systems from getting unbalanced. Holistic healthcare is often referred to as preventative healthcare!

We also know that no matter how healthy you eat it's nearly impossible to get all the nutrients that you need. Emphasize the lifelong vitality and terragreens! Mito2max is also great for supporting active lifestyles. I find a lot of young adults are already using a green mix and love using terragreens to replace it!

DōTERRA has also set us up with so many other products than just essential oils and supplements. Educate people who don't feel like they have health concerns about toxin-free living! DōTERRA is a lifestyle not just a product! Teach them about our skincare, spa lines, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene items that they can use to replace items that they already purchase.

Lastly this, is perhaps a little trickier to help them understand but also the most important! It's the emotional support that essential oils have to offer. We all have emotions. We all live in a stressful, fast paced world. There's also an opportunity to offer emotional support.

Q: How to mentor a young adult?

Answer: I love this question! It brings up a few points that I haven't hit on yet! I've found that most young adults are fine with Zoom or FaceTime, text them to set up a time beforehand! Use text or message to keep in touch in-between chatting. It's a simple, easy way to keep contact and accountability.

Now the part that I really love about this question is that it highlights the need to talk about similarities across generations. We have much more in common than we like to believe. There are some trends that show up for a demographic, there are some that show up for a generation, there are some that show up between different strengths and personalities; but by far the most trends are those that we all share. 

As a CliftonStrengths coach with individualization in my top five I can tell you mentoring is about the person you're working with. Oftentimes with mentoring we must cater to the person's strengths. Maybe they're heavy in executing and need a checklist. Maybe they're predominantly relationship building and need a little extra chit chat at the beginning of the call. This is something I think carries over between generations. So short of communication differences I don't see a significant difference in the way that younger people like to be mentored.

Q: How do you interact between generations?

Answer: Personally, I've never experienced any difficulty sharing essential oils with someone older than myself that wasn't a self-induced mental block. What I mean by this is that I've never had a scenario where the difficulty was on them, it was usually on my mindset. Whether I was nervous because they held a position of authority or maybe I just really respected them, it's always been a mental block that I didn't address before entering the situation. Focus in on your mindset.

If this isn't your experience, focus on being mature. Not only in the way that you act but also in the way you communicate, create plans, and make decisions. Usually if you're behaving in a mature, responsible manner people will assume that you are older or you'll simply earn their respect. Meet them where they are as much as you'd like an older person to meet you where you are. Take yourself and what you do seriously, this generally carries over to them taking you seriously. They might not want you to text them so you might have to meet in person or have a phone call.

When sampling someone older than yourself, or really anyone for that matter, focus in on their values & stage of life. If they're older than you then maybe you need to share about how to use essential oils for children! Maybe you'll be talking a little more about discomfort. Focus in on what they're experiencing and sample to that.

Q: How did you find your target market?

Answer: This question is essential no matter your age! To me this is where you become focused in what you do. I want to lead you through the process that I used to find my target market. I also want to highlight the fact that a target market is so much more than age! If anything, age is one of the least important factors to my target markets (oh yes, you can totally have more than one!). Lifestyle, hobbies, interests, life stage, personality, and characteristics play a significant role in creating target markets! Envision the type of person you want to work with!

  1. First, ask yourself who do you want to enroll? Now obviously your instinct is to say "EVERYONE, DUH" and while that is true because you want to help everyone that you can, who do you really love helping? Who is it that when you help them it makes you excited? Who do you thoroughly enjoy helping to the point that you forget you're even doing it as a business? For myself, I love empowering families and influential people. I love people that just fall in love with essential oils and immediately think of who else could use them. It gets me excited about the ripple effects of that moment!
  2. Next, look at who is interested in a natural lifestyle. This is second because while serving is always important, when it comes to your business you're much more likely to be actively enrolling people if you enjoy who you're trying to enroll. Sometimes we have people that just immediately come to mind as being someone that we think would love essential oils and natural products. When we are excited to share with someone that is eager to learn, that's where the magic happens!
  3. Equally, we must ask ourselves "who can we help?" To ask ourselves this we absolutely must understand the power of the tools that we possess. Oftentimes I don't think that we understand how powerful these essential oils are and the multitude of people that can benefit from them. You'll find it even easier to help people if you create a target market around the issues that you've struggled with. Leading with personal testimony and experience is always powerful.
  4. After enrolling or chatting with someone, ask them if they know of anyone that might be interested in essential oils or natural products. Personally, some of my best referrals have come from people that said "not right now" to essential oils so be sure to ask them too! Referrals are such an underestimated target market, and although it's not a demographic or a niche, it's very much a market!
  5. Furthermore, you must ask yourself "who do you attract?" Who is interested in you? In the end they are choosing YOU as much as they are choosing the oils. Who do you run into in your circles? Who do you naturally become friends with or gravitate towards? For me if you're in the organic produce aisle loading up on all kinds of goodness, I might start chatting with you! Or if we connect on a hiking trail or through an environmental group, then I might start to think "oh, maybe this is who I attract." These people are easy to share essential oils with, because I can say "lemon oil works great as a cleanser for produce" or "you've gotta have terrashield for backpacking."
  6. Lastly, ask yourself who do you want to do the business with? Personally, I don't care if you're 18 or 80 or if you like to knit or kickbox, I'm looking specifically at personality traits for this. Again, that's just me! My experience has lead me to be more focused in on behavior, personality, and characteristics. I'm looking for passionate people. People who can be inspired but can also inspire themselves. People who are both internally and externally motivated. People who are hardworking, focused, and who are willing to put aside their excuses.  I search out people that lead with their hearts, love big, and love to serve. And lastly, I love building and working with the realistic dreamers, the people who can dream of all the wonders, then wake up and create them. This has changed the way I build and who I want to build with. It's also allowed me to enjoy what I do and who I do it with. 

Q: What are your daily action steps that grow your business?

Answer: Thank you to whoever asked this question because it needs talked about! No matter how many times you've been around the block this conversation has value. My number one biggest action step is consistency! I'm always working my business. Be consistent. Use systems. Don't recreate the wheel. Stay simple.

Now, as far as steps go I keep it simple and duplicatable. I've used all kinds of different systems and techniques but I've found Allyse's Back to Basics to be the best! I absolutely love it! It's completely free and you can share links to EVERYTHING. I think it is the most efficient way to help the most people, and that's how you grow your business. I've always used bits and pieces that I had learned from her along the way, then when she put it into a system that easily duplicated I knew it was what I needed. Within her system she gives a weekly schedule that is the most empowering thing for me in this business. I tweaked some of the layout but kept all the components the same. It's allowed me to have the best time management and ensures that I get things done. However, as a result of what I've learned from Back to Basics, everyday I have designated time to contacting and following up.

If you've never heard about the Back to Basics training and material it can be found at Allyse Sedivy and her husband, Patrick, are two huge role models! For me they're a powerhouse duo and I'm so grateful that they created this awesome system for us to use! If you've not listened to the calls or seen Allyse present before, then be aware: she has so much courage and confidence that as she teaches you, you start to absorb that courage and confidence. Anytime I'm not sure what to do in this business, I just ask myself "What would Allyse do? (WWAD)." It's almost always follow the system but everyone once in a while the answer is create a solution yourself! It's working well so far!

I promise I don't get any kind of kickback for raving about how awesome this system is! It's truly the answer to the question of what I do daily to grow my business: exactly what is laid out in this system! These activities are what is growing my business. As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of these two rockstars and encourage you to learn from them anytime you can.

Q: What is your choice self-development?

Answer: If you follow me long enough, you'll soon realize that if you've got a problem, then I've got a Brené Brown quote for you. I've listened to so much of her work I can summon entire lectures from memory in a moment's notice. She's my go to author for self-development. Author-wise I also really enjoy Kelly Corrigan, Pema Chodron, Elizabeth Gilbert, Simon Senek, and Steven Pressfield. Find someone who's voice hits you! It's not important who it is, it's just important that you do the work to become the best person that you can be. While I think all types of self-development are important, in our business and career I've found that courage and self-confidence seem to be the most needed. Self-development is a journey, you go forward and backwards with it. However, in the end it's your responsibility to grow and become a better person than who you started as.

For me self-development is a daily practice! I start my mornings off with a miracle morning (Read Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod). This keeps my mindset in check and makes sure that this is something I work on daily. I also keep my mindset in check and continue my self-development throughout the day by listening to podcasts (shameless plug for Unlocking Us by Brené Brown) and self-development audiobooks.

Self-development events and trainings are super beneficial as well! It's like the condensed version of books! Oftentimes they're really impactful and you can even find a ton of them as online events nowadays that are really affordable. Things like TED and YouTube are full of free recordings as well!

If you're religious, incorporate that into your self-development. Become the better person that your beliefs want you to be. Bring your beliefs in to the focus of your self-development. For me, this looks like prayer, prayer journaling, reading, and listening. It leads me to show up as a better person for those that I serve and come into contact with.

And last but most certainly not least, get a coach if you need one! There are so many sweet souls out there that offer help when we are stuck or struggling on our journey. Sometimes you need someone to come in and walk alongside you. You might need them to go into dark rooms and turn on the light switch for you or help you unpack all the beliefs and mindsets that you've so neatly packed away. For me I had my friend Tamara Wren come in and sort through some struggles with me! She ROCKS! So super thankful for her! Don't be afraid to ask for help, in the end it almost always saves you time and frustration!

Thank You!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm so honored to share with you my journey and perspectives. I know this was a LONG blog post! Midway through I thought "maybe this should've been a book!" I wanted to make it shorter but I knew I had to just lay it all out there for y'all! I wanted to be real and authentic in sharing my experience with you. I really hope this is able to shed some light on things that you might be struggling with. I hope it brings value to you and helps you to find value in this business. Remember, we have a sacred mission and stewardship to get oils into every home, hopefully this is helpful in that goal.

Want to connect? Feel free to reach out on Facebook! You can friend me (Orion Metheny) or follow my education page (Orion's Oil Well).

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