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The living, breathing animal from within

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Belief is one of the most common things I’ve seen people wrestle with. As if it’s a wild animal that won’t obey and come on command, never to be mastered by its owner. It comes and goes as it pleases and never when it’s supposed to. So how do you tame this wild animal and have it listen when you call? Well, once upon a time this feral beast did listen. When both of you were young and new to this world, it was there. Sure it had a healthy dose of caution but it lived within you, you were its home. And then you walked out into this big, scary world. A world that told you not to believe in yourself. That made you doubt your every move. That made you doubt who you were. That tore your belief in yourself out and threw it into the wilderness to become feral. And since then you’ve been walking around timidly trying to coax belief back into your life, hoping one day it might come home.

To protect and defend.

I choose to think of belief like an animal. In my mind I like to picture a patronus from Harry Potter. A spell cast to protect and defend, drawn from the happiest memory, which took shape in the form of an animal. The only differences between belief and a patronus being, belief is alive and can’t be conjured up with a spell. Oh, how much easier it would be to wave a wand and suddenly believe in yourself I know. This animal is very much alive within your soul, or at least it once was.

You see, your belief is there to protect you. To guide you along the journey to your hopes and dreams. To hold your hand in the dark and guide you when you cannot see. When the footing of the path seems to give way, belief whispers “take one more leap to solid ground.” There is freedom in walking by faith instead of sight, for where can you not go? It’s there to defend you when others say it can’t be done but you’re already doing it. Belief in yourself protects your hopes and dreams from being torn down. Like a guard to the most precious treasures, belief in yourself helps you protect those dreams so that you can achieve them.

It's alive within us.

Where does belief come from? Well, I believe it’s alive within us. Yearning to call our heart home but afraid it won’t be nurtured. We must constantly feed and care for belief because the world is constantly tearing it down. Sometimes belief is the happiest memories we have. It’s the small faces and gentle eyes that we wake up to in the morning that tell us we can do anything because everything we do is for them. Sometimes belief is a promise of hope in a better tomorrow. How often do we truly believe in ourselves though? In just us. How often do we believe that we are capable? Enough? Worthy? I think if we are truthful, it’s quite rare. In fact, I think its the reason we panic about our dreams because we know we can’t protect them from the world. We might try and protect ourselves with things, money, or people. We might try and protect our hopes and dreams with other people’s belief. But in the end, our belief has no place to call home. In the end, if we can’t believe in ourselves how will someone else? In the end we must put down this glass shield of falsities and build a wall of stone to protect our dreams.

Can I be honest with you? If you don’t have belief in yourself, someone or some experience probably took it. Or more probable, millions of small experiences and words along the way robbed you of your own flame. That animal of belief dwelled happily in your heart only to be cast out into the wilderness by mean comments, hurt spirits, broken souls, and destructive actions. They all told belief it was wrong, that it wasn’t good enough, strong enough, pretty enough, capable, or worthy. Whispers of “ who do you think you are” or “maybe you’re not as good as you think you are ” were like poison, it made your heart toxic to belief.

Of all the reasons to believe in yourself.

How do we build it back? If our belief is a bear how do we grow a forest for it to call home? If it is a lion how do we tame it so that it will come when we call? We change the story. There’s a record in our hearts playing the voices we’ve heard. There’s a projector in our soul playing the experiences we’ve had. We have to change the narrative. We have to know that we are beautifully and wonderfully created. We have to know we are the most valuable thing in all of the universe. We have to know that we were created in God’s image, and then we have to act like it. Of all the reasons to believe in yourself perhaps the most powerful is that you are here. Living and breathing. And everything you’ve been through, the trials and tribulations, you’ve made it. You exist. So change the story in your heart. Change it to a story of victory and triumph. Turn the song that plays in your soul to a battle song. You can heal from those poisonous words. When you believe in yourself it hurts no one and helps everyone, you most of all.

If you’re looking for reasons not to believe in yourself, I promise you’ll find them. They are there. In the comments. In the standards. In the magazines. In their words. In your phone. In your past. All around you there are reasons to not believe in yourself. And if you only choose to look at the night sky, you’d never know the glory of the sun. Choose to not look at those reasons. Set boundaries that will protect your belief. Trust in truths that will protect your belief in yourself. Seek opportunities to grow your belief in yourself, just a little bit more each day. Fill your life with all the reasons, all the people, all the influence that you should believe in yourself.

It will be worth it.

You probably aren’t responsible for throwing belief out into the wilderness. You probably aren’t responsible for not believing in yourself. It probably wasn’t your choice. But it is your responsibility to heal. It is your responsibility to begin the journey of believing in yourself again. It is your choice. To start believing in yourself again. To regrow the forest that belief calls home. To remove the poison from your soul. It might be hard. And it might not be fair. But so it is. The entirety of existence needs you to believe in yourself. Those faces you see everyday need you to believe in yourself. Your business needs you to believe in yourself. That face you see in a mirror needs you to believe in yourself. I need you to believe in yourself. The journey might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

This is your call. To change the narrative in your heart. To plant the seeds. To make the changes. To set the boundaries. The time is now. You see you think you have forever but in fact each moment without belief your dreams dwindle a little more. They fade into the past. Don’t let them. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, here it is. If you’ve been waiting for the right time, it is now. If you need someone to believe you can do it, I do. Please, to make the world a better place, believe in yourself. Choose to heal. Choose to start believing in yourself again. We need you too.

- Love, Orion

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