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A Permission Slip for Moms

Your children's point of view for your success

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I work with mothers. A lot of mothers. Some with one child, some with five children. Some with multiple young toddlers, some with grown children, and some mixed in the middle. Mothers that stay at home and mothers that work multiple jobs. They’re so much fun to work with! Oftentimes they’re who empower a household to have more options for taking care of their well-being.


So, here’s a few thoughts from someone whose mom started her own business. I know the “mom guilt” is real. I know you’re already tired and “#hustling”. And I know most of all, you’re probably doing the very best you can for yourself but probably, moreover, your family.

Growing up, I’ve gotten to see and experience all of this first-hand! My mom is a dōTERRA Blue Diamond, and was the first dōTERRA Diamond in the state of West Virginia.

As a single mom, she started a booming business with 5 young children, about a teaspoon of courage, an ounce of hope, and maybe a penny and a half of money. Oh, and she started using oils for, you guessed it - her kids!


She’s pretty humble about it but she’s a ROCKSTAR! She’d never done any network marketing, her circle wasn’t huge, she’d never owned a business before, and wasn’t a “super vegan yoga crunchy person” when she started. The best part for me was how much I got to learn and be inspired - so I thought maybe you could learn and be inspired too.


First, you are seen! The work you’re doing matters. You’re raising the next generation. You’re creating lives. You’re teaching the next scientists, engineers, and biologists. You’re helping them dream, all the while trying to keep your own dreams afloat. We all see how hard you’re working. We all see the selflessness in so many of your choices.

Mom Guilt

Next, the elephant in the room; mom guilt. Whether you’re the mom of one or twenty children, you’ve probably experienced it. (Don’t lie - I see this all the time, I know you have it).

Maybe my experience can help you ease this a little bit. I don’t remember what practices she was at. What games she missed. Which orchestra concerts she had a class out of state during. Meals that weren’t on the table at exactly 6 o’clock. Or even if they were homemade from scratch. I remember she was there for the important moments. The nights we stayed up and talked way past the time I should’ve been asleep. And that she was always there to talk to me when I needed it.

What I remember most was the feeling of hope for our family. I remember running home with the dōTERRA checks to see $48.23 of faststart and we were so excited! I remember the first month that the check was enough to pay for the oils that we ordered that month. Then I remember seeing my mom quit her job so she could focus more on growing her business and being with her kids.

I remember when she hit Platinum and we could finally breathe with our head above water. I remember the day that she was the very first Diamond in our state! And that mixed feeling of “ we escaped” and “we made it” all at the same time. And most recently, I’m remember the pure joy of watching her walk as Blue Diamond dressed in smiles and success.... and maybe a tear or two.

What I'm trying to say is

What I’m trying to say is, I didn’t hold onto those random things she probably thought I’d forever remember. A practice here or a game there. And a once in a while dinner that wasn’t until 7:30. You can hang up your mom guilt because as long as you’re supporting your family in the ways that it needs, then guilt isn’t serving you at all.

Growing up with a penny and a half of money and really not being able to afford that “good nutritious food” I teach about in my wellness classes, I think we can all agree that families are expensive! At the very least, they’re going to require money to feed, clothe, and house. Now I’m not saying that every mom needs to start a business. You might not have the financial need to, or maybe you’re happy with working outside the home. I know being a business owner isn’t for everyone. But it is for some of you. That have this dream to be home with your kids. And maybe to bring a spouse home if you have one. Or maybe you just really want to be able to lessen your financial stress. I know you’re out there because I’ve seen you.

Don't let us, your children, stop you.

So don’t be afraid to go do it. Don’t let us, your children, stop you. I think I can say that’s not what we want. If you would’ve asked me if I wanted my mom at a random basketball practice versus building a company that would lead to a lifetime of opportunity for our family, even at a young age I think I would’ve understood.

Not only has dōTERRA been hope for my family, but it’s been inspiration. To see what my mom accomplished has lead to THOUSANDS more families choosing to use essential oils for their families. She created a family culture for her team. She created an example of not only what business should look like, but also what my life could look like. She freed me from the funnel to a 9-5 world ideology. And I can truthfully say I wouldn’t be at all where I am today had she not chosen dōTERRA.

As an example

I also point to her as an example. Sometimes people will say to me “oh you’re not a mom, you don’t understand why I can’t do this business”. As if the fact that I’m a 21 year old man will justify their choices and reasons somehow. Of course they’re correct, I don’t understand. But my mom does. And she has a BILLION reasons why you can and should do dōTERRA as a business.

I might get some criticism for writing this and not being a mom, however that’s my intention. To show you what the world looks like growing up as a child because we often forget. And some of you might think “well what about dads” and my honest answer would be I’ve not seen dad’s starting this business. I welcome this addition and when that happens, rest assured I will write about it.

I wish you'd be more afraid of

So yes, I know you might be afraid to start this dōTERRA journey and become a business owner. Or maybe you already have and now you fear that you can’t miss a practice. But what I wish you’d be more afraid of is not showing your kids to reach for their dreams. I wish you’d be more afraid of not showing them what courage, hope, bravery, and passion look like. I wish you’d see through your children’s eyes the example they see when you help people with essential oils. I wish you’d see that it’s not “my business or my children” but that these two things coexist. And most of all, I wish you’d see that as your children we want you to go for it.

Love, Orion

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